Student Scholarships

We offer renewable mathematics scholarships to students who were residents of Somerville, Massachusetts during their high school years, without regard to which high school the applicant attended. 

Scholarship Winners from 2022. – For more information about our winners.  Click here.

Scholarship Winners  of 2021

“I am writing … to express my sincere thanks for the scholarship… Next year I will be attending … my first choice in schools. This might not have been possible without your help…”

“The software package you have given me should also prove to be a powerful tool that I can utilize in my studies.”

“I want to express my gratitude for being considered again for this scholarship. It has helped me very much financially these past two semesters. Last semester I earned a GPA of 3.76 … I am going to continue pursuing a degree in Engineering, most likely focusing on Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Science, or Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering”

“Thank you for the offer of renewal of the Somerville Mathematics Fund scholarship. I have not yet completely decided my major… but most likely it will be a combination of economics and applied mathematics. I hope to use mathematics to supplement economics and to explore the use of mathematics in developing economic models.”

“… the Mathcad software package has been quite helpful for my calculus class.”

“I think supporting the Somerville Mathematics Fund is one of the best ways donors can encourage the further study of mathematics by Somerville students.”

“I am honored to have been chosen as a recipient of a Somerville Mathematics Fund scholarship.”

“The support that the Somerville Mathematics Fund provides to students such as myself in college is indispensible and I hope the fund will continue to support future students to encourage the study of mathematics.”