Meet Scholarship Winner Daipan Lee from Somerville High School - June 2003

Meet one of our scholarship winners, Daipan Lee, who graduated from Somerville High School in June 2003. My name is Daipan Lee, and I am currently attending MIT. Right now I am taking mostly core classes to satisfy graduation requirements. I am taking chemistry, calculus, physics, and American foreign policy. The main difference between college and high school is the difference in freedom. For example, instead of daily homework assignments, problem sets are assigned a week before they are due; so there is a lot of time to complete assignments. However, proper time management is crucial to my success in college, because besides completing assignments, a certain amount of my time has to be devoted to living independently. In high school, I was very active in clubs and activities such as the Math League, Science League, Academic Decathlon, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Golf, and the National Honors Society. I try to continue some of my interests in college by playing IM tennis and basketball for my dorm. My favorite classes in college, American Foreign Policy and Physics, reflect what were my favorite subjects in high school. The two teachers who have inspired me and driven me to excel are Hollis Graves and Mary Sceppa. They were my teachers in computer science, which were some of the most difficult and rewarding classes I have ever taken. They taught me how to overcome obstacles by using common sense and sheer determination. Likewise they taught me to apply this attitude to life, so that I am never limited in my possibilities and for that, I am forever grateful to the both of them.

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